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How install OpenCart


Downloading OpenCart System

OpenCart system is free to download on this website
Doporučujeme zvolit poslední dostupnou verzi


Copying Files

Unzip your chosen version of OpenCart. The system is typically in the "UPLOAD" folder.
Copy all files and folders to the root directory of your website.


Starting the Installation

Once you have all the files correctly copied, install Opencart by opening your domain in the browser.
In recent versions of OpenCart the file "config-dist.php" in the admin directory ("admin/config-dist.php")
has to be renamed to "config.php"


Completing the Installation

After installation is complete, you will be prompted to delete the folder "install", you can delete/rename
(we suggest you delete it). Be sure to set CHMOD in config.php to "640". The installation is now complete.

Or you can watch the video below